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Ningbo Bolex Cutlery Inc.
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Trade Leads

Sell professional knives for chefs,cooks and butchers
[Sell] Sell professional knives for chefs,cooks and butchers
Subject:  Sell professional knives for chefs,cooks and butchers
Effective Period:  1 month
Date-Time:  2018/8/21 16:45:57
    China factory and exporter of professional knives for chefs,cooks and butchers,only for food industry and catering instead of domestic kitchens.
     Leading china factory of professional knives and cutlery for butchers,chef’s,cooks,.bakers and hunters,colour coded handles,HACCP and NSF approval.
     Our professional knives and cutlery,butcher supplies and restaurant supplies,include:grill or griddle scrapers,robot coupe blender or mixer blades,sausage stuffers,stuffing tube,vegetable choppers,vegetable cutters,tomato slicer,onion slicers,food preparation smallwares and tools,french fry cutters,onion slicers,potato slicer and cutters,vegetable slicers,toasting turners and tools,toaster spatulas and servers,griddle scrapers,baking bakers spatulas,pastry brueshes,dough dockers,professional baker tools and spatulas,pizza rocking knife,pizza rockers,bone dust scrapers,removers,twine knife,ring knife,finger knife,roast beef needle,beef tiers,meat tenderizers,hammers,mallets,commercial restaurant can openers,chef’s paring knife,serrated utility and produce knife,narrow boning knife,offset serrated sandwich knife and slicer,8 inch 10 inch cook knife,chef’s knife,hamburger turners,magnetic knife bars,racks,holders,supporters,magnetic tool holders,stainless steel sanitary knife racks,compact knife racks,plastic wall mounted skirted knife racks,knife holders,professional knife sharpeners,knife sharpening steels and sharpeners for butchers and chefs,diamond coating knife sharpeners and sharpening steels,chef’s knives and cutlery set kits,bags,roll bags,10?bread knife,serrated knife and slicers,7?offset bread utility knife,22?kebab knife,stiff boning knife,peeling knife,peelers,serrated paring knife,curved boning knife,breaking knife,cimeter steak knife,butcher knife,carving forks,granton edge santoku knife,utility knife,cutlery case,cook’s knife,santoku knife,scalloped bread knife,offset sandwich knife,slicers,fillet knife,diamond coating knife sharpeners,forged chef’s cook’s knives,bird beak peeling knife,meat forks,carving knife,fillet knife,paring knife,wavy edge utility bread knife,flexible knife,granton edge butcher knives and butcher knife,ham slicers,cimeter steak knife,fluted knives,bread knife,pizza knife,pizza rockers,pizza wheel cutters,pizza turners and spatulas,servers,cake knife and servers,cimeter steak knife,vegetable canning knife,sandwich knife,cheese knife,watermelon knife,cleavers,chopping knife,boning hooks,dough cutters,dough scrapers,cheese knife and cutters,roast beef slicers,knife,cook’s knife,scalloped offset cranked sandwich knife and slicer,produce knife,cook’s chef’s fork,pie servers,utility slicers.
Contact Information
Company Name: Ningbo Bolex Cutlery Inc.
Contact Person: Mr. Xie Minjun
Address: zhangjia,shangtian,fenghua,ningbo,Zhejiang,China.
Zip: 315511
Web Site:
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