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Ningbo Bolex Cutlery Inc.
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About Us
    China factory of plastic handle, colour coded, professional knives, cutlery, for butchers and chefs, for cutlery services and knife sharpening services dealers.
     We have been supplying professional knives and cutlery, restaurant equipments and supplies, stores and supermarket equipments, meat mincer plates and knives, machines plates and knives, professional knives and cutlery (colour coded plastic handles NSF or HACCP) for butchers and chefs, cooks to the knife grinders who are doing business of professional knife sharpening grinding resharpening services, rental and exchange program services, factory sharpening services and mobile sharpening services all over the world for 25 years: 8" 10" 8 inch, 10 inch/20cm, 25cm professional chef's cook knife, 8" 10" serrated wavy edge bread slicer, bread knife, 9" offset bread slicer knife and sandwich knife, 4" 2.5" paring knife, parer, 6" curved boning knife, 6" flexible narrow boning knife, 6" straight boning knife, stiff, 5" 6" skinning knife, 8" 10" breaking knife, 8" sticking knife, 8" fillet knife, cheese knife and cutters, pizza rocking knife, pizza rocker, vagetable mincing knife and dicing knife, 6" 7" 8" 9" 10" butcher's choppers and cleavers, 6" 10" 12" 14" round knife sharpening steels and sharpeners, 10" 12" 14" oval knife sharpening steels and sharpeners, 6" 8" 10" 12" diamond coated knife sharpening steels and sharpeners, 4" pizza wheel cutters, pizza knife, tomato knife, fruit knife, peeling knife, potato peeling knife, cook knife, 10" 12" ham slicer, ham knife, fluted flutes edge slicer and knives, scalloped edge knife, granton edge cook knife, 8" 10" 12" cimeter steak knife, 6" 7" 8" 9" 10" 12" butcher's steak knife, frozen food knife, saw edge knife, fillet knife, fish knife, filleting knife, turners, butcher's chopping knives, wall mounted, table mounted knife racks, holders, stainless steel wall mounted knife racks, 12" 18'' 24" /30cm, 46cm, 60cm magnetic knife racks, bars, holders, supporters, butcher blocks and scrapers, butcher's working tables, meat mincer plates and knives, meat chopping knife, butcher''c chopping knife, fish spliters, lobster knife, crab knife, kebab knife, double handle cheese knife and cutter, pizza cutter, cheese knife, watermelon knife, bakery knife, baker knife, pastry knife, dough scrapers, dough cutters, griddle scrapers, grill scrapers, salmon knife, santoku knife, sushi knife, cheese knife, bakery baking baker spatulas, china, palette knife, pastry knives and spatulas, icing spatulas, cheese spatulas, meat chef's carving fork, meat fork, beef forks, pizza and cake servers, sprade, spraders, slotted hamburger, burger turners and spatulas, fish turner and spatulas, pizza spatulas and turners, 4" pizza wheel cutter, pizza sheet tongs, boning hook, node hooks, deboning knife, meat butcher S hooks, bacon hangers, plastic bone dust scrapers and removers, cheese cutter, knife sharpening stones, knife sharpeners, beef tiers, beef larding needles, knife racks and storage, butcher knives chef's knives kit set roll bags, robot coupe blender blades, table top commercial table-mounted can openers, tomato slicer, union slicer machine, twine knife, ring knife, finger knife, knife sharpening stones, oil stones, butcher's S/S S hooks, label peelers, label peeling knife, carving knife, ham holders, ham racks, ham stands, ham supporters, ham clamers, 19" 23" 25" kitchen bow saws, meat saws, 6"-24" pizza baking screens, poultry knife, poultry processing tools and knives, poultry shears and scissors, fish picks, fish pickers, fish scalers, fish picking hooks, oyster knife, clam knife, crab knife, fish fillet knife, fishery and butchery tools and knives.
     China factory of meat mincer plates, knives, blades, cutters, accessories, replacements, #5 to #56, 420J2, D2 steels, machine plates, hub plates, meat grinders, meat mincers, meat choppers, LFGB quality standards.Butcher knives and tools. china historic manufacturers, exporters, supplies and factory of full line meat food processing and packing equipments and supplies, knives, hooks, saws, cutlery, deer and poultry processing supplies knives, jerky and deli supplies, butcher supplies, butchering equipments and supplies, food preparation processors and packing supplies, butcher shop and smokehouses supplies, tools, saws, knives, sausage making supplies and equipments, slaughter houses knives and supplies, store and foodmarkets equipments and supplies, cutting tooks, cleavers, knives, hunting deer knives and supplies, meat grinders and meat grinder plates knives, sausage making supplies, meat and deli processing equipments and supplies, accessories, poultry, fishery processing knives and supplies, jerky processing supplies.sausage making equipments and machinery, stores and supermarkets equipments and supplies.
     China manufacturer and exporter of hospitality hotel restaurant equipments and supplies, pizza supplies, baking supplies and equipments, butcher supplies, catering equipments and supplies, commercial kitchen supplies and knives.
Contact Information
Company Name: Ningbo Bolex Cutlery Inc.
Contact Person: Mr. Xie Minjun
Address: zhangjia,shangtian,fenghua,ningbo,Zhejiang,China.
Zip: 315511
Web Site:
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