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Tenau Elevator (China) Co., Ltd.
About Us
    Tenau Elevator (China) Co., Ltd., located in Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, is a wholly¨Cowned investment company by SUZHOU DIAO Elevator Co., Ltd. in 2012, which is specially aimed at the overseas market. TENAU is close to Shanghai, only one hour away by car. During the initial set-up stage, TENAU has already had professional elevator and escalator production lines, fully automatic panel production equipment - salvagnini, and employed more than 300 people. In 2016, DIAO Group Ltd consolidated these two factories - DIAO and TENAU, which then have become two production bases, sharing the production platform. DIAO manufactures all the escalators and passenger elevators, and TENAU is responsible for manufacturing all the cargo elevators and home lift Brand DIAO has stayed in business for 24 years and accumulated rich experience in production, technology and product development. On this basis, TENAU can better serve overseas customers, at the same time, we can provide multiple languages service, including Russian, Spanish, English and Arabic.
Contact Information
Company Name: Tenau Elevator (China) Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Mr. salev atorvf
Address: East of Xicheng Road,North of Lianyi Road,Nanxun Economic Development Zone,Huzhou,Zhejiang,China.
Zip: 312000
Web Site:
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