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Jinhua Luyuan Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd
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About Us
    Jinhua Luyuan Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest companies devoted to the e-bike industry, and now ''Luyuan'' is the most influential trademark in China. In 2004, our production output is 150,000 pcs and marked share is about 5%.
     The research of ''Luyuan'' dated from 1996 and focuses on all the key topics related to e-bike such as high-efficient torque motor, restorable battery with long service life, defending technique of battery, charging technique, PWM controlling technique, power-assist and human force system, etc. Furthermore, we set up a professional e-bike test center with complete equipment, in which, all the tests are made to improve the quality of our products and optimize their performance.
     Thanks to the perfect customer-information system recorded according to thousands of domestic customers, we have the ability to collect the performing information about our e-bikes. This information system, in the first place, helps us to serve our customers practically, in the second place, provides abundant information support for us to improve product designing.
     It is the application of these fine managing strategies that enables ''Luyuan'' not only to win the first place on the monthly sale list in domestic market, but also to earn the trust of most oversea partnership joiners. Our products are now stepping quickly and steadily into oversea markets. We have the confidence that with the help of our oversea partnership joiners, our products and service will be further improved and be accepted by oversea customers.
     Next, we will introduce the special features of ''Luyuan'' e-bike, we are sure these features will make you take interest in our products.
     1) Type and Modes: According to the position the battery is fixed in the e-bike, we classify Luyuan e-bike into 4 series, those with front-tilt battery called Sunshine, with low-flat battery called Rainbow, with back-flat battery called Blue Sky, with middle-vertical battery called Breeze.
     2) Powerful Driving Force: Luyuan e-bike''s excellent efficiency and torque relation leads to the outstanding powerful driving force of our e-bikes. The wider field of high value efficiency results in the more even speed-torque curve, the better adaptability and the stronger driving characters.
     3) Assist-Force Device: Assist-force device is a unique technology developed by Luyuan. It is a technology that adjusts the e-bike operating parameter by receiving power-assist and human force signals through untouched sensor and betters the human-force pedaling effect, thus, a power-assist and human force system is formed.
     4) BTM Battery Test and Restoring Technology: BTM is an important technological innovation of Luyuan. It focuses on longing the service life of battery. When the capacity of battery declines, BTM service will resume parts of the capacity.
     5) Double-Battery Assist, faster and farther: Luyuan double-battery e-bike is, so far, the most advanced e-bike. There are two batteries fixed on the bike. When both of them are used, the continuous riding distance is almost twice the distance when single battery is used. If, at the same time, the assist-force device is used, a new battery with full capacity can provide enough energy for 100km.
     6) Human-Based Functions: Luyuan pays great attention to customers'' needs and safety. For example, we strengthen the key force-bearing parts on the body structure, install exigent power-off switch at the place that is convenient to riders. Riders can cut all power the moment the controlling system fails. Beyond these, the unique Bi-Alarm can scare the thieves away.
     Welcome to join Luyuan. Welcome to be oversea partnership joiners of Luyuan.
Contact Information
Company Name: Jinhua Luyuan Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd
Contact Person: Mr. Jie Ni
Address: 99 Luyuan Road, Industrial Park,Jinhua,Zhejiang,China.
Zip: 321016
Web Site:
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