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 [Sell] Sell Medicated Soap
1) Cleanses and perfumes skin
2) Antiseptic and prevents skin infections
3) Useful for acne treatment
4) Soothes discomfort ......
From Yiwu Yamengsi Oil And Fatty Chemical Co., Ltd.   [China]
 [Sell] Sell Transparent Soap
1) Contains vitamin, glycerine and no alkali
2) Can be used for washing faces......
From Yiwu Yamengsi Oil And Fatty Chemical Co., Ltd.   [China]
 [Sell] Sell Propylene Glycol
1) Formula: C3H8O2
2) It is a colorless liquid with steady viscosity and good water
absorption. It is nearly odorless, in......
From Shandong Shida Shenghua Chemical Co., Ltd.   [China]
 [Sell] Sell Natural Gel Air Freshener
Available in strawberry, cool juicy, vanilla, new car, coconut, cherry, green
apple, and jasmine scents.......
From Winner Industrial (Foshan Nanhai) Co., Ltd.   [China]
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