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Zhejiang Qingshan Special Steel Co., Ltd.   [China]
Zhejiang Qingshan Special Steel CO.,Ltd,a medium-sized key leading enterprise in wenzhou,locate in Qingshan Village,Longwang District in wenzhou.It has registered capital of RMB50.55 millinon,own assets RMB400 million,fixed assets RMB280 mi......
Hangzhou Chenda Textile Co., Ltd.   [China]
Hangzhou Chenda Textile Co., Ltd. was founded in 1988, is a professional China Product Manufacturers and Product suppliers, The company specializing in the production of Product, and company occupies 15 acres, and has been honored AA enterp......
Shanghai Hongyu Industry Co., Ltd.   [China]
The USITC Chairman Meredith M Broadbent, Vice Chairman Dean A Pinkert and Commissioners Irving A Williamson, David Johanson and F Scott Kieff voted in the negative.......
Yuyao Huangjiabu Pearl Glass Ball Factory   [China]
The transaction is subject to customary conditions and receipt of regulatory approvals. Steel Dynamics expects to obtain all necessary regulatory approvals and complete the transaction by August 2016.......
Ningbo Mingchi Hardware Manufacture Co., Ltd.   [China]
The hardware accessories industry is no exception. Recently, with the development of hardware Accessories?online, it has attracted more attention from traditional industries to online development. With the rise of the hardware accessories i......
Shaoxing Yuexing Lighting Co., Ltd.   [China]
Shaoxing Yuexing Lighting Co., Ltd was established on 2007 is located in Shangyu Industrial district of Zhejiang Province, it is near Ningbo city.

We professional produce metal spot light, Eg. Normal halogen spot light and LED spot ligh......
Zhoushan First Plasticmachinery Co., Ltd.   [China]
Apply to ordinary plastics, PP, PE, ABS, PVC, granulation of raw materials, production of pipe, profiled material, sheet, wood plastic and other extrusion machinery.Zhoushan First Plasticmachinery Co,.Ltd is a famous China Conical twin-scre......
Zhejiang Taida Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.   [China]
Zhejiang Taida Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in manufacturing seamless butt-welding aluminum-plastic composite piping, bronze couplers and seamless butt-wielding aluminum-plastic composite crosslinking heating piping......
Shenyang Tengsheng Plastic Products Factory   [China]
Today, with the integration of the global economy, Tengsheng people are full of confidence and meet various competitions, including challenges to themselves. No matter how the market changes in the future, Tengsheng people are willing to co......
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