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Ningbo Yuanyuan Digital Ink Jet Materials Co., Ltd.   [China]
Ningbo Yuanyuan Digital Ink Jet Materials Co., Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing and developing all kinds of sign and advertising materials. In 1994, we established our first factory, Ningbo Yuanyuan Tape Products Co., Ltd. to produce ta......
HG Food Machinery   [China]
HG enterprise now owns 4 machine processing factories, 1 food laboratory factory, 1 trading companywe have established a perfect after-sales service system,the whole contact,operation guidance, maintenance and other after-sales work is comp......
Zeny Cosmetical Package   [China]
These 6 production lines cover eyeliner, lip liner, eyebrow pencil, eye shadow pencil, liquid liner, lip pencil, lip gloss pencil, nail polish pencil, concealer pencil, blusher pencil, etc.We are manufacturer located in Yuyao City, China.We......
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