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Shanghai Hanker Industrial Co., Ltd.   [China]
Shanghai Hanker was established in 2004 and the DPI brand created at the same time. With more than 14 years glorious development, Hanker has become one of the biggest professional manufacturers of digital printing media in China.
In order ......
Shaoxing Jinhao Machinery Youxian Co., Ltd.   [China]
Capacity the maximum comprehensive capacity of our various types of knitting machine can reach more than 30 thousands, which can meet the needs of different procurement customers.

Service we are based in the domestic market and exported ......
Hangzhou Aolida Elevator Co., Ltd.   [China]
The professional Escalator, Elevator manufacturer - Hangzhou Aolida Elevator Co., Ltd. was established in 1993, who perfected the Passenger Elevator, Sightseeing Elevator, Observation Elevator, Bed Elevator, Villa Elevator through-train man......
Hangzhou Linan Wood-working Machinery Co., Ltd.   [China]
Sino-foreign joint venture Hangzhou Linan NanYang Wood-working Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1956, and made a joint venture with PT SINAR HIMALAYA Co. Indonesia in 1992. It specially produces equipment of wood processing and wood d......
Shaoxing Lingli Safety Protection Articles Co., Ltd.   [China]
Shaoxing lingli safety protection articles co,Ltd is a limited liability company established and approved by the relevant departments.Our company located in the historical and cultural heritage town in south of Yangtze River Delta and betwe......
Shangyu Lger Leisure Products Co., Ltd.   [China]
IgerEnjoy is a professional umbrella and tent manufacturer since 2009, including designing , producing and exporting, which is located in the famous umbrella city- Shangyu China.......
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