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Zooty Industry Trade Co.,ltd.   [China]
Zhongtian exercitation trade Co.,ltd is a yong and dashing company, it was founded in 2004. It also has a craft product factory, a curtain product factory, a plastic membrane factory, a revocation hardware reclaim company. Except it, we als......
Hangzhou Hengyi Cloth Industry Co., Ltd.   [China]
Our company has many advanced equipments, such as knitting circular machine, double jacquard circular knitting machine, shuttleless loom, air weaving machine, in order to improve quality and reduce cost. The company focuses on innovation an......
Zhejiang Huading Net Industry Co., Ltd.   [China]
Our products mainly include: high temperature filter material, non-woven needle felt, dust collect filter bag, woven filter cloth, vacuum filter belt, air slide fabric, polyester fabric, sludge dehydrating belt and high density stainless st......
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